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Apr 8, 2010

Runescape Quest Order Guide

Do you want to get lots of rewards in Runescape,please do the quest,do you like to get much more experience in Runescape,please do the quests! Doing quests in the proper order is essential because the experience rewards you get from them will help you on the quests further down on the list. I’ve been looking for a guide like this for some time but couldn’t find one so I thought I would put one together myself. I think questing is one of the most fun things to do on Runescape, and is a great source of skill building. Questing takes you to places on Runescape you’ve never been before and you see and experience stuff that you would have never seen. You cannot appreciate the vastness of the Runescape world until you’ve done quests

General Tips:

1. Being able to teleport around to major cities and get around Runescape quickly is vital. For this reason it’s a good idea to train up mage to at least 25 (Varrock teleport) before even starting to do quests. Once you start questing I would recommend training mage up to 37 for the Falador teleport and 45 for the Camelot teleport. Otherwise keep a good supply of teleport tabs handy for when you need the higher level teleports. Get your Ardougne teleport as soon as possible and by the time you’ve finished Death Plateau and Watchtower quests your mage level should be high enough to use your new unlocked teleports. I also placed quests in a certain order to facilitate quick teleport. For example Animal Magnetism and Creature of Fenkenstrain quests after Ghost’s Ahoy because it’s much easier to do the quest with an ectophial in your inventory. And mountain Daughter is much easier once you have the enchanted lyre. Knowing how and when to use teleports from glories, skill’s necklaces, rings of dueling, combat bracelets, the explorer’s ring, and games necklace’s, gnome glider’s, etc. is a real time saver.

2. It will save you a LOT of time and running around if you buy all of the materials needed for a quest on the exchange before you even start a particular quest.

3. I put a few of the quests down a ways in the list due to high skill requirements that should be done sooner if possible for various reasons. Hero’s Quest gives you the ability to charge your own glories and will unlock the two Miscellania quests, Fairy Tale part 1 and Starting part 2 will give you access to the fairy rings which is a one of the best teleport systems on Runescape. Smoking Kills will start you earning slayer points for finishing tasks. Grand Tree quest will get you access to the gnome gliders. Tears of Guthix will grant you access to the same mini-game once a week which is good free experience.

4. Don’t spam your experience rewards and the exp lamps. Use them for skills that you hate to train or on stuff that is difficult to train like prayer, agility and summoning. Save them if possible until you need it to boost a skill in order to tackle your next quest.

5. Training skills on the side to meet quest requirements is inevitable. Some skills level up quite nicely doing quests so that there is no need to train, but with others you just need to bite the bullet and get it done. Try to find the quickest way to train skills. For example do the Pyramid Plunder mini-game for training thieving, and the distractions and diversions circus for training magic, range, and agility. Do the penguin hide and seek each week and find all of the penguins and use the experience reward to train up your difficult skills. Do the Tears Of Guthix mini-game too.

6. Try to get 43 prayer as soon as you can because it make a huge difference when fighting the bosses.

The Quests:

1. Quests With No Requirements

These should be the first ones to tackle. Most of them are pretty easy and are needed for later quests. Most of these can be done in any order unless otherwise mentioned:

Cook’s Assistant

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 0: Starting Out (after Cook’s Assistant)

Doric’s Quest

Gertrude’s Cat

Druidic Ritual

Dwarf Cannon

Ernest The Chicken

Wolf Whistle

Demon Slayer

Restless Ghost

Priest in Peril

Prince Ali Rescue

Goblin Diplomacy

Shield of Arrav

Romeo and Juliet

Rag and Bone Man

Murder Mystery

Pirate’s Treasure

Plague City

Biohazard (after Plague City)

Sheep Herder

Jungle Potion (after Druidic Ritual)

Witch’s House

2. Optional Quests With No or Very Low Skill Requirements

These quests are not needed for later quests but are generally easy and good to do for the experience rewards. These can be don in any order :

The Blood Pact

Sheep Shearer

Clock Tower

Imp Catcher

Witch’s Potion

Monk’s Friend

Vampire Slayer

Hazeel Cult

Myths of the White Lands

Swept Away

Tower of Life

Perils of Ice Mountain

3. Skill-based Quests

These quests have skill requirements and should be done top to bottom since the skill level and quest requirements increase with each quest.

Before you begin questing it’s a good idea to train up most of your skills to at least 10 and have a combat level of 20 – 30. For the first 10 quests you will need level 10 in construction, farming, firemaking, fishing, hunter, magic, mining, thieving, and woodcutting.

Tale of the Muspah

Knight’s Sword

Fishing Contest

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 1 : Dwarf

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 3 : Goblins

Black Knight’s Fortress

Recruitment Drive

Dragon Slayer

Tree Gnome Village


For the next 10 quests you will need to have 25 magic, 20 runecrafting 20 attack, 23 agility, 20 cooking, 25 construction, 17 mining, and 20 thieving.


A Soul’s Bane

Merlin’s Crystal

Holy Grail

Rune Mysteries

Rune Mechanics

Lost Tribe

Tribal Totem

Death to the Dorgeshuun

Ghosts Ahoy

For the next 10 quests continue to work on your farming up to level 25, with 10 herblore, 10 fletching, 20 smithing, 25 thieving, and 35 woodcutting.


Nature Spirit

Animal Magnetism

Making History

Meeting History

Dig Site


Creature of Fenkenstrain

Garden of Tranquillity

Tourist Trap

Now continue to work up to level 30 on agility, cooking, ranged, and smithing, and 34 construction for the next quests:

Elemental Workshop I

Elemental Workshop II

Shades of Mort’ton

In Search of the Myreque

In Aid of the Myreque

Tai Bwo Wannai Trio

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 5 : Lumbridge Guide

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 2 : Pirate Pete

Cold War

Your attack strength and defence level should be in the 40’s by now. You will also want to keep working on prayer up to at least level 31. You will need 16 firemaking.

Shadow Of The Storm

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 6 : Evil Dave

Eagles’ Peak

Giant Dwarf

Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf

Another Slice of H.A.M.

Grand Tree

Scorpion Catcher

Death Plateau

Troll Stronghold

For the next quests work on bringing your agility up to 32 – 34, with 30 farming, 31 herblore, 20 firemaking, 40 prayer, and 30 thieving.

Troll Romance

Lost City

Haunted Mine

Enlightened Journey


Shilo Village

Eadgar’s Ruse

My Arm’s Big Adventure

Horror From The Deep

One Small Favour

The next quests are hard. You will want to have 43 prayer at this point for fighting the bosses. By the time you reach Icthlarin’s Little Helper you will want high agility (40 – 50 is preferable to avoid falling in the traps). Your crafting should be at 40 by now and you will need 30 firemaking, 25 fletching, 40 mining, 25 slayer, 40 woodcutting, and 50 smithing.

Monkey Madness

Fremennik Trials


Mountain Daughter

Between a Rock…

Finish all Rag and Bone Man Tasks

Fur ‘n’ Seek

Fight Arena

Sea Slug

Icthlarin’s Little Helper

Skills needed for the next 10 quests are 35 in cooking and construction, 45 or so crafting (49 to do Hand in the Sand), 40 firemaking, 46 mining, 40 range, 50 smithing, and 50 woodcutting.

A Tail of Two Cats


Missing My Mummy

Cabin Fever

Kennith’s Concerns

Fairy Tale Part I

Fairy Tale Part II (through learning about the fairy rings)

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 4 : Skrach

Hand in the Sand

Olaf’s Quest

For the next quests keep working on construction up to 40. You will also need 50 crafting, 65 defense, 45 firemaking, 36 fishing, 37 herblore, 45 magic, 30 runecrafting, 30 slayer, and 19 summoning.

Land of the Goblins

Spirits of the Elid

All Fired Up

Enakhra’s Lament

King’s Ransom

Spirit of Summer

Slug Menace

Eyes of Glouphrie

Darkness of Hallowvale

Legacy of Seergaze (do this right after Darkness of Hallovale before you forget the Meiyerditch shortcuts)

For the next 10 quests you will want to have at least 50 agility and your combat level should be at least 85. You will also need 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 50 mining, 40 slayer, 50 or higher thieving, and 56 woodcutting. Desert Treasure is a real doozey. When you are done congratulate yourself on finishing one of the hardest quests on Runescape!

Temple of Ikov

Royal Trouble

Heroes Quest

Throne of Miscellania

Smoking Kills

Chosen Commander

Fremennik Isles

Underground Pass

Desert Treasure


For the next series of quests keep working on construction up to level 45, 49 farming, 57 herblore, 45 hunter, 57 magic, 50 – 55 prayer, 50 smithing, and 23 summoning,

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Rum Deal

Glorious Memories

Great Brain Robbery

Summer’s End

Tears of Guthix

What Lies Below

Hunt For Red Raktuber

Fairy Tale Part II (finish)


The final quests of Recipe For Disaster require 70 cooking, and you will need 59 mining, 60 range, 50 runecrafting, 56 slayer, 54 smithing (65 for Devious Minds), 60 thieving, and 58 woodcutting.

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 7 : Sir Amik Varze

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 8 : Awowogei

Recipe For Disaster – Subquest 9 : Final Fight

Family Crest

Mourning’s Ends – Part 1

As a First Resort…

Path of Glouphrie

Dealing with Scabaras

Defender of Varrock

Devious Minds

For the next quests you will need 59 agility, 50 construction, up to 60 – 66 crafting, 53 fletching, 66 magic, and 72 woodcutting.

In Pyre Need

Back to my Roots


Roving Elves

Catapult Construction


Grim Tales

Lunar Diplomacy

Dream Mentor

Swan Song

You’re almost done but you really need to train up for these! For the final quests you will need ~70 agility, 75 attack, 60 construction, 66 crafting, 65 defence, 61 firemaking, 70 fletching, 65 farming, 65 herblore, 65 hunter, 75 magic, 66 mining, 70 prayer, 75 ranged, 65 slayer, 75 strength, 66 thieving, and 75 woodcutting.

Rocking Out

Curse of Arrav

Temple at Senntisten

Mourning’s Ends – Part 2

Within The Light

Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Blood Runs Deep

While Guthix Sleeps

Nomad’s Requiem

You will need some good money to beat Nomad on the final quest!

Okay,so cool,you have finished all the quests in Runescape,best wish for you !


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